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Butter and coffee are a match made in heaven. Mixing these two ingredients together will not only amaze you how good it actually tastes, but also that you feel good when you drink a high fat coffee.

Bulletproof Coffee

Grassfed butter sales in the US are at a 20 year high and one man who is helping to create all this hype for natural butter is Dave Asprey the Bulletproof Exec. Dave is credited with inventing the concept of Bullet proof Coffee. This is when you mix: butter, MCT oil and premium coffee.

This type of healthy coffee is designed around the principles of the Paleo diet, but Dave explains how he then likes to take things a step further. He biohacks the paleolithic diet.

Dave says how coffee can be a bad substance for you if it is not tested and produced according to his set of criteria called the Bulletproof Process. This means checking how the beans are: grown, harvested, processed, roasted and packaged.

Upgraded Coffee

He then goes on to say how natural coconut oil doesn’t cut it. You can biohack pure virgin coconut oil into something called medium chain triglyceride oil. This stuff is refined coconut oil pulling out two of the important free fatty acids: capric and caprylic acid.

So the idea is organic, single origin, high altitude, wet processed, South American coffee will make you feel less jittery and not gain weight or brain fog because it has a chance of lower levels to nil levels of mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are a product produced by different types of molds on food and are bad for human health and can even kill you.

Grass fed butter like, Kerrygold Butter, have loads of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K and butyric acid. This helps improve your brain function and heal your gut lining.

MCT oil helps your body produce ketone bodies. Ketones don’t raise cholesterol levels in the blood and go to the brain as preferential energy over glucose (sugar).

There seem to be tons of Dave Asprey fans over at ilovebuttercoffee.com so you too could join this biohacking revolution. This looks to be one of the best ways to drink coffee on the Paleo Diet.

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Human beings have a very close relationship to primates, like monkeys. In the world of health currently there is a massive drive to understand whether or not we should be following our primitive roots and be eating a caveman diet like the paleo diet.

Fish on Paleo Diet

Paleolithic Diet vs Standard American Diet

In the following video Dr Loren Cordain goes on to explain the current Western world diet of lots of carbohydrates and refined foods from food manufacturing versus naturally found foods like vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries and meat.

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