How to Get Into Nutritional Ketosis Fast

In the previous post you learnt about the benefits of eating a ketogenic diet from Dr Josh Axe. There are tons of good things that happen to your body and brain when you start burning ketones for a lot of energy versus glucose all the time. Being able to control your weight is a big on at the moment that a lot of people seem to have wanted to focus on. Being allowed to eat saturated fat again in your daily diet has been made more normal again since articles in Time magazine and other major magazines and newspapers have published articles saying how good things like butter are for you actually. So it seems the low fat craze of the last 20-30 years is finally being beaten back with up to date science and research results.

There is still a long way to go as we can see how Prof. Tim Noakes in Cape Town South Africa got hauled up for a professional disciplinary hearing for promoting eating real foods like meat, vegetables and healthy fats. Here is a great overview of what has been going on in South Africa.

Doctors in Africa aren’t the only place this has happened the original big one was in Sweden with Dr Annika Dahlqvist back in 2005. She was hauled up for review for promoting a LCHF diet on patients. After two years of inquest the result was this statement to clear her of any wrong doing:

…low carb diets can today be seen as compatible with scientific evidence and best practice for weigh reduction for patients with overweight or diabetes type 2, as a number of studies have shown effect in the short term and no evidence of harm has emerged…

Getting Into Ketosis

To be able to get into ketosis quickly you need one thing, fat. You could use ketone esters like what is being experimented with by Navy Seals who use ketosis to avoid damage from diving deep in the sea. Ketosis researcher Dr Dominic D’Agostino explains more in the video below:

When it comes to fat one of the best things you can use to achieve nutritional ketosis within a day or two sometimes is something called MCT oil. Medium chain triglycerides have been the “bread and butter” (excuse the pun) for children with epilepsy to use in their diets to lift their ketones to achieve ketosis.

There is an upgraded form of MCT oil on the market now called Brain Octane oil you can read about the difference between brain octane and MCT here. This is a more refined version that is meant to super charge your way into ketogenic ketosis.

So make sure you use lots of the stuff on your food or even in your coffee to hot your goal. If you need to measure when you have hit the right point, I suggest using a device called the ketonix stick which analyses your breath for ketone bodies and will flash a light to show you when you are in the zone.